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ATLANTA - March 18, 2009 ---- As the moment draws near when the Porsche Panamera makes its
public debut at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 19, 2009, the Stuttgart, Germany based auto
manufacturer reveals a few more technical details to whet the appetites of those in search of the
emotional and driving character of a sports car coupled with the high luxury and interior comfort of a
performance sedan in one unique vehicle that is still instantly recognized as a Porsche.

When it goes on sale in the United States on Oct. 17, 2009, the Panamera will showcase some inno-
vative technologies. These include the first automatic engine start/stop feature used with an
automatically shifting double-clutch transmission, air suspension with additional air volume on
demand, and on the Panamera Turbo active aerodynamics with a multi-stage, adjustable rear spoiler
that deploys when needed.

With the Panamera, Porsche's fourth model line, customers will see an unprecedented vehicle
concept - a four-seat Gran Turismo offering both dynamic performance and superior elegance all in
one. While competing with well-established models in the premium class, the Panamera carves a
new niche in terms of performance, driving dynamics and efficiency. This is familiar ground as
efficient, high-performance engines, lightweight engineering and optimized aerodynamics have been
Porsche core competencies throughout its 60-year history both on and off the race circuits.

Maximum performance and efficiency
The Panamera is the first premium car with an automatically shifting double-clutch transmission to
feature an engine start/stop system that saves fuel and reduces emissions by turning the engine off
when it is not needed, such as sitting at a stop light, for example. All engines have advanced and
fuel-efficient Direct Fuel Injection (DFI), as well. In addition to consistently reducing friction in their
engines, Porsche further enhanced the engines with innovations such as map-controlled
coolant/temperature management and ancillary units with enhanced efficiency.

The Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) double-clutch gearbox, standard on all U.S. Panamera
models and a first in this market segment, also enhances both fuel economy and performance. Being
more efficient than a conventional automatic transmission, the PDK gearbox can save even more fuel
through its long, overdrive-like top gear. It offers outstanding performance with typical Porsche
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