TRG's Rolex 24 Hours At Daytona Win by the Numbers
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Petaluma, California, Now that the dust has settled on TRG's one - two finish at the 47th running of the Grand-Am Rolex Series Rolex 24 Hours At Daytona in January, the reflection on the data tells the tale of the race. Justin Marks, RJ Valentine, Andy Lally, Patrick Long and Joerg Bergmeister drove the No. 67 TRG Porsche 997 to victory by running a near perfect race.

The team's third win at the 24 hour started with excellent preparation by the TRG crew that started over five months ago. With a fleet of four new Porsche 997 GT3 race cars and one 2008 model, the preparation for the early January test was no small feat by this seasoned team. The cars ran flawlessly at the test and were just as strong during the race. The No. 67 finished the race in ninth place overall, including the Daytona Prototype field, and the No. 66 came next -tenth overall.

All that the No. 67 Construct Corps/CRG/No Fear Energy Drinks/K1 Speed/Voodoo Ride/Gemstone Winery/TRG Porsche GT3 needed during the 24 hours of racing was gas, oil, tires, and a fresh driver.

Justin Marks was impressed with how the team and drivers performed with very few mistakes.

"I think that I was surprised at how clean the race was," Marks said. "We had two small penalties and one doughnut on the car. Those were the only hiccups in 24 hours of hard running. To me that's amazing. I was also surprised at the pace we had to run for the majority of the race. You'd never have thought it was the longest race in professional motorsports. The pace was so fast for the first 18 hours. Obviously winning the Rolex 24 is a big deal. But it's a different kind of win. It's such a huge effort by so many people that instead of it being something personal for me, the emotions are of pride and honor to just be apart of something so significant. I was more excited to see the looks on everyone faces and the emotions they showed than any kind of personal achievement. I just feel lucky to be a part of it. Also, it was important for me to deliver a result to Construct Corps. They've been behind me through two difficult seasons and never waived their support. This win is my thank you."
Andy Lallynotched his second Rolex 24 Hour win which ranks at the top of his already impressive racing statistics.

"I would call it more relieving than surprising," Lally said. "So many people work so hard for so long to try and win the Daytona 24 that when everything seems like it is coming together that's when things get the most stressful. Every team member is trying not to make a mistake while at the same time hoping that some of the things that are not within their control go the right way. We knew we had a great car and we knew we had a good driver line-up and we knew we could win the race. We just needed it all to come together and it did. Every single person that had a hand on this car is deserving of the victory, our crew at the track as well as our crew behind the scenes and including the people that managed the entire process. As drivers, we were very fortunate to have such a good team behind us and TRG has proven year after year that they are the best at what they do."
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