Mid-Ohio Not Kind to Burrows and Hopwood
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Lexington, OH (21 June 09)-Trevor Hopwood and Adam Burrows were hoping to do their papa's proud on Fathers Day at Mid-Ohio, but instead will have to just rely on good old filial fondness after a disappointing race outing saw the duo once again suffer a tough race result at the rural Ohio facility.

Things went away from plan nearly from the drop of the green, as seventh on the grid soon became fourteenth in the pack as Hopwood had to cycle his ignition with several key twists on the opening lap, stalling his progress for just a moment at the start of some frantic Grand-Am KONI Sports Car Challenge ST competition.

After getting that sorted out, Hopwood worked to make up lost ground, but still had to drive his way around some touchy rear Brakes, which were locking up in slow speed corners, before turning the car over to Burrows, who was hoping to also make the visiting members of his nascent Fan Club proud with a strong result.

Taking to the track with two fresh Hoosier tires up front, Burrows put his head down and had raced his way into position to threaten for a top-ten, but that rear brake issue came to the fore as he made contact with another car when they locked up under braking and the contact ended the day for the RSR Motorsports -prepared No. 198 Fischer Skis MINI Cooper.

"The car was handling ok and I was able to make up some ground, but I just locked up and the car slid sideways right into him," said Burrows. "It was my mistake and I went and apologized to the team because I really shouldn't have put myself in that position. It's unfortunate because we had a lousy start to the race but were slowly working our way back up. Sorry to the Kinetic guys-I was glad to see that he was able to keep going after I hit him. Hopefully we can get back on track with our results at Barber."

"This track has never really been that good to us," said Hopwood with some significant understatement, having had to wrestle his car down from top speed after losing one of his wheels on the long back stretch at Mid-Ohio last season. "I was really frustrated about the start-things are so close in KONI Challenge that if you have just a little bobble, you are just a sitting duck. Sorry to Karl (Thomson, C360R Principal) that I made contact with one of his cars, that was the last thing that I meant to do there. We were really hoping to keep improving our finishes after some solid runs at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen, but we'll just have to wait until next month for that."
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