TRG's Marks and Lally Third in Today's Brumos 250
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Daytona Beach, FL: TRG's Justin Marks and Andy Lally finished third today in the Brumos 250 at Daytona International Speedway, keeping their impressive Daytona record for the year intact.

Marks started the No. 67 Construct Corps/Kartel Motorsports/No Fear Energy Drinks/Voodoo Ride/K1 Speed/Gemstone Winery/TRG Porsche GT3 from his third row qualifying position and had drama early. Coming into turn one off of the banking, Marks was on the outside of a three abreast race into the corner. The two cars on the inside of him touched and he came out the winner in third place. Lally took over and was immediately put into save fuel mode and was able to bring the car home in third for the pair's second podium finish of the year.

"We went into turn one three across and I was outside," Marks said. "It was one of those deals that everyone was looking over their shoulder to see who was going lift going into the corner. I saw Kelly lift in the Pontiac and then I heard a pop and looked out my left side mirror and saw a streak of yellow spinning behind me. I had to decide to slow up and let him spin in front of me or speed up and let him go behind me. I did the worst possible thing and I started to slow and then decided to speed up. It was a close call."

"We were in fuel save mode from the beginning of my stint," Lally said. "We knew it was going to be close so the top three cars were saving fuel. Under the caution were talking about the gas and how we were going to be close. We had a really good car. I was able to reel guys in. The crew has done a great job on this car making improvements every race."

John Potter started the No. 65 Magnus Racing/TRG Porsche GT3 and had a very strong stint. Potter had the car up to seventh when he turned it over to Craig Stanton. Unfortunately half-way through Stanton's run the car developed an electrical issue robbing it of horsepower.

"We had a good run in practice this morning," Stanton said. "We were quickest in the morning practice and then third quick in the last one. We came out of the box really good. John got comfortable with the car in a hurry. John did a great job and was in the car for a long time. We were working the strategy and I got in and we were running as high as second and then we had an issue with the electronics and just started to move back. It was too bad. We had a good run going."

Josemanuel Gutierrez started the No. 68 Cohen Financial/Intercity Lines/TRG Porsche and ran as high as seventh during his time in the car. Passing the wheel to Scott Schroeder the team had trouble with the left rear tire and the 21 year old had to run the tire for rest of the race.
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