Stevenson Motorsports Watkins Glen Race Report
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With a man down, the No. 57 Stevenson Motorsports / BryanMark Financial Pontiac GXP.R, still managed to land a top five finish at the Crown Royal 200 at The Glen, the 9th race of the 2009 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No.16. Driving almost the entire race alone, Andrew Davis kept charging hard but simply could not match the outright speed of the Porsche and Mazda entries on the ultra fast Glen 'short circuit'.

Robin Liddell is Davis' co-driver on any other day but having contracted a severe case of the flu, Team Manager Mike Johnson sought the assistance of another seasoned and professional driver to take Robin's place. Previous Rolex 24 GT class winner Spencer Pumpelly put in a short stint turning the car back to Davis to run to the end.

Johnson: "When Andrew and Robin arrived at the track around lunch time, Robin was already quite ill. He went to see a team doctor who gave him an IV to replace fluids and since the race was so late we just waited around to see how Robin was feeling. About 4 o'clock Robin was not in good shape, so we asked Spencer to fill in for him and he came by the trailer to make sure he fit in the car and the belts and everything worked."

Liddell: "Around 6pm I felt a little better and wanted the doctor to give me another IV but he believed that I was too ill to race so that was that. First time I've ever had to withdraw like that. And I don't ever want it to happen again."

Davis: "Robin is one of the toughest guys I know, so for him to miss the race altogether gives an indication to how seriously ill he was feeling. I was actually not aware that Robin was unable to drive until I saw Spencer hopping into the car during our first driver change. Mike Johnson told me to stay ready, for I would be getting back in the car at the next opportunity. That opportunity came about two laps later with another caution period."

Johnson: "For most of the day, we were hoping Robin would pull through as he is such a fighter, and I think he believed he would be ok by race time. I think about 10 minutes before the start of the race, he knew there was no chance and we had to scramble around getting Robin to a doctor, get the driver change paperwork filled out and teach Spencer where all the switches were and where the shift points were. We were lucky that Spencer was available since he knows how to win at Watkins Glen and he's driven the Pontiac before. I wish he would have had a few laps to show his talent and I think we all would have been amazed at how well he would have gotten to pace."
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