Porsche to Unveil First Production Cayenne Hybrid - New York Show
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ATLANTA -- MARCH 24, 2010 -- Porsche will introduce the next-generation Cayenne sport utility vehicle, including a hybrid gas-electric version, to the North American market on March 31during a press conference at the New York International Automobile Show.

Led by a highly advanced hybrid model, the new Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicle delivers
improved performance while using less fuel and producing fewer emissions throughout the entire
model lineup.

The North American Cayenne model range will include four models: the 2011 Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo and the Cayenne S Hybrid. The S and Turbo models go on sale in July, with the Cayenne and Cayenne S Hybrid in dealer showrooms this fall.

All the new Cayenne models embody the Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy, the evolution of
vehicles sportier than their predecessors, yet more fuel and emissions efficient.

"Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy is more than a slogan. It is nothing less than Porsche
keeping pace with the modern automotive landscape by dramatically lowering emissions, becoming
greener and saving fuel," explained Detlev von Platen, Porsche Cars North America President and
CEO. "We will we accomplish this through technology and innovative ideas, just as we have throughout our history, and show that Porsche's high performance and efficiency are not
contradictory terms."

Cayenne's dynamic new design offers less weight and more room
The Cayenne's new exterior leaves no doubt it is part of the Porsche family. Its sporting character is
evident from all angles, and its Porsche shape and highlights are more distinct than before. From a
dimensions standpoint, it is 1.9 inches longer than its predecessor, and its wheelbase adds 1.6 inches, ensuring extra interior space and greater versatility. Still, despite its larger exterior, this next-generation Cayenne looks even more compact and dynamic.

Thanks to a special combination of materials as well as changes in the overall vehicle concept, such as a new all-wheel drive system, weight has been reduced on all models. Despite a higher standard
of safety features, the Cayenne S, for example, is almost 400 lbs lighter, which not only improves
fuel consumption and lowers emissions, but also boosts performance, agility, and handling.

Inside, the luxurious interior features a high center console that, like the Panamera, rises up at an
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