Latest race report from American Iron West
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Our northernmost track, Thunderhill, played host to this year's third race for the combined NorCal and SoCal AI/AIX/CMC/CMC2 2010 season!

It was great to see so many racers returning for the season - Plum, Wildride, Bergman, Smith! And, it was nice to have a bit of a later start than usual as we warmed up Saturday morning and the track conditions were just about ideal.

Current West Coast points leader John Wheeler's 4th Gen Camaro. Image by Karl Chicca.

American V8's, ready to take the track. Image by Karl Chicca.

SATURDAY QUALIFYING - started just before lunch with 34 cars on the track. Steyn set a blazing fast time at 2:00:025 in his AIX car, MacMillan's AI car was just over a second behind at 2:01:227 and Dave Brown, of Life's Good Racing did a fast lap at 2:02.361 to grab pole.

The CMC train! F-R: Dave Brown (Team Life's Good Racing), Jeremy Bua, Mike Plum, Larry Klamecki, and James Griffith Jr. Image by Karl Chicca.
SATURDAY RACE #1 - It was a beautiful clear afternoon when the 34 cars rolled out for the first race of the weekend. Everyone got off to a nice clean flying start and settled in. Shortly into the race it was once again proven that NASA's safety rules ROCK! Fowler lost his Brakes coming into turn 15 and his beautiful AI car smacked the k-rails, but safety gear being as good as can be meant he was unscathed. Thanks again to Blaine Fabrication for building a beautiful cage... racers appreciate all those hard-working guys out there looking out for them. The CMC2 battle was pretty exciting from the stands until Steel spun and did a little outfield mowing in turn 6, things happen fast out there on the track! The 25 minute session wrapped up with Steyn (AIX), Wheeler (AI) and Team Lifes Good Racing (CMC2) taking firsts.

Hard AI and CMC action! Image by Karl Chicca.
Sunday dawned a bit windy, with a few canopies taking flight in the paddock, but the racers took it in stride as they prepared for Sundays challenges.

SUNDAY INVERTED QUALIFYING RACE - CMC and CMC2 ran an inverted qualifying race for the 20 minute morning session, which always makes for some real excitement as the guys fight for position. Steel laying down a lap at 2:02:418 and taking first for CMC2 and Smith taking first for CMC. MacMillan took first for the American Iron group with a best speed at a whopping 89.126 MPH.

Dave Brown, leading the AI/CMC pack! Image by Karl Chicca.
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