Mixed Results For wirth At hockenheim in the Adac gt masters series
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Facing his home track of Hockenheim this weekend the pressure was on for Andreas Wirth and the ALPINA S-Berg Racing team to get it right as family, friends, sponsors and partners looked on.   While the team seemed somewhat happier with the performance of the #14 at the beginning of the three-day spectacle, optimism was replaced by disappointment and frustration by the end of day one.     Wirth explains, "Well, the car was good last weekend at Brno in the FIA GT3 events, so we felt good about it going into the weekend.  Even though our first practice wasn?t great, I could tell the car was already better than what we had at the Sachsenring earlier this month.  By our second practice we were already up to 6th, so we just kept pushing for it in Qualifying.  Unfortunately though, both Martin (Matzke) and I had our fastest qualifying laps taken away for "going off track" during our run - it?s really frustrating because all we did was use the curbs to get the most out of the car.  On top of that, there was a red flag during my qualifying session, so we were pretty frustrated.  Martin would have had pole, and I?d have put in a 3rd or 4th - instead we started 4th and 9th."   Though disappointed, the pair of Matzke and Wirth was confident they would see better results in the races as their starting positions weren?t completely hopeless, and their car seemed somewhat improved.  Tragically the #14?s familiar mechanical problems once again put a stranglehold on any hopes they had for race one.  "It really was a race to forget," began Wirth, "the car was good for the first few laps but then we lost power and were losing a lot of time every lap.  After we pitted to fix the problem we were one of the fastest cars out there!  What can I say - it?s just one of those things, no one does it on purpose and it?s no one?s fault, things just didn?t go our way so we?ll have to keep working hard with it."  Clearly unhappy with a 21st place finish the team was eager to put this one behind them and get on with Sunday?s event.   Race two brought with it its own share of drama, but with a much better outcome and a top five finish.  Wirth explains, "The start was good but the Ascari behind me didn?t brake for the first turn so I had to brake really hard so I didn?t t-bone him!  We lost a good 15 seconds to the top four

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