Benoit Treluyer: A phenomenal Team, an incredible win and An
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A phenomenal team, an incredible win and an unforgettable 24 Hours! Le Mans 24 Hours

The 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours will go down in sporting history as a race packed full of superlatives thanks to the fierce battle between its protagonists, the tactical mastery of an Audi team never stronger than when faced with adversity, by the excellence of its drivers and emotional pressure under which Benoît Tréluyer and his team scored victory. It?s the flashback over these 24 hours that will forever define the Le Mans local?

Following the post-race fervour, a 25th hour that brings with it more joy, embraces, tears and media questions, slowly the realisation begins to dawn on the Alençon-born driver and team-mates André Lotterer and Marcel Fässler. For Benoît as for them, nothing will ever be the same. Winning at Le Mans is something to be cherished for life. But this is no career coronation, more a door opening on fresh challenges. It is an achievement matched only by a Grand Prix or Indy 500 victory. For Benoît, it is also the opportunity to offer thanks to all those who have helped shape a career full of ups and downs. He will make a detailed list just as soon as he is able to collect his thoughts. Such genuine emotions continue to whiz around his mind, the humble and decent person he always was now stronger than ever.

Finding the words? "The car crossed the finish line and I fell into the arms of Marcel (Fässler), then into those of Doctor Wolfgang Ullrich (Head of Audi Motorsport), but I was incapable of saying one word. Were they really necessary? There was a lot to take in. I looked for Joachim Hausner who was responsible for creating the partnership I formed with Marcel and André (Lotterer). Memories of the last two years, and especially last six months, during which we worked so hard together, collided in my head. The team?s strength comes from taking everything into account. Even if you say something really stupid, they listen and explore that thought. You are not scared to express yourself. The long embrace I shared with Wolfgang was to say thank you for trusting in me and listening. It was a huge thank you to this incredible team!"

Where is André? "With Marcel, I ran towards the podium, looking for André but he hadn?t arrived! We were desperate to embrace him warmly, but couldn?t find him.

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