Stevenson Motorsports Grand-am rolex Series race report from njmp
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"Robin kept the pressure on the No. 42 until he made a mistake and we finished 2nd. While it was not the win we were looking for, it was our second consecutive good result."

John Edwards has to miss two races to recuperate from injuries he received in a skiing accident. He came back strong at this race, taking the GT pole position in qualifying.

Johnson: "I think John Edwards had something to prove to the team and to everyone in Grand-Am that his knee was healing fine as he put the No. 57 Camaro GT.R on pole by .535 and set a new track record by almost 3 seconds.

Edwards: "After missing two races due to my knee injury, it felt very satisfying to grab pole and a podium finish in the GT.R Camaro. However, it was a very hard-fought race as New Jersey has historically been a difficult track for the Camaro. We still found ourselves struggling with tire life relative to the Ferrari and the Mazdas, but not as much as the past two years thanks to the temperatures being 25-30 degrees cooler at this time of year. This gave us a chance throughout the race, although the Ferrari seemed to be untouchable."

Robin Liddell too commented on the reduced heat at New Jersey and how that may have played a role in negating some of the tire disadvantage the Camaro has over other competitors,

Liddell: ""Obviously we had another successful weekend finishing on the podium with our Stevenson Chevy Camaro. The temperatures in New Jersey were not as high as we have seen them in the past (in mid-summer) of course, but it still became a race where tire conservation and error free driving paid dividends.

"I have to say that John certainly returned to the team in style," Liddell continued, "taking the pole and doing a great job in the opening stint to stay in touch with the lead Mazda. We felt from looking at the results in practice that we probably didn't have the outright pace to win the race and ultimately although we were out in front in the last thirty minutes this was to prove correct. The race winning Ferrari was simply too fast and was able to get around us and the Mazda quite easily for the lead.

Liddell once again complemented the crew on their solid contributions to this successful weekend of racing.

"From dropping to third spot after the last restart I managed to keep pressure on the No. 42 Mazda and I eventually slipped past into second with

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