Marcus Grönholm Statement #3
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Los Angeles, CA, Saturday July 7, 2012, 1000hrs PDT local/1800hrs CET. Marcus Grönholm will be discharged this morning from the California Hospital Medical Center on South Grand Avenue in LA, having completed his acute recovery to doctors? satisfaction following his accident last Saturday when contesting the X Games GRC event.

Marcus will remain in California for the weekend, resting with his family before making plans to return home to Finland; his recuperation requires that he does not compete in round four of the GRC scheduled to take place at the New Hampshire Speedway next weekend, aside from which his car requires significant attention before being competition-ready again.

For the moment, doctors are advising a period of good rest, after which Marcus will focus on returning to full physical fitness with appropriate training at home in Finland.

On his departure from hospital, Marcus said, "I was extremely frustrated to not be able to contest the X Games, more so because I believed my preparations were excellent. As Sébastien had come to race, I was extra hungry to perform - of course - and I went into the event with a really positive feeling, so yes, it was very annoying that it ended the way it did, but perhaps Sébastien will consider a rematch some day!"

The Finn continued by thanking those who not only helped him but also kept him in their thoughts. "My first thanks must of course go to the emergency teams and all the staff at the California Hospital. It is not until you need this kind of skill and care that you realize how brilliant the medical profession is, and I cannot praise them highly enough for fixing me up."

He continued, "And then I must say a heartfelt thanks to all the messages of support and goodwill that have in such numbers been truly unexpected, from close friends and family of course, but also from fans around the world. This kind of support has been amazing and has inspired my recovery, so I

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