Stevenson Motorsports Rolex race Report from road america
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"In short," Edwards continued, "The Stevenson team did a great job and Robin drove hard to defend against much faster cars, but the best we could manage was a sixth. Hopefully some changes will come for Watkins Glen to equalize the Camaro with the rest of the field."

Liddell is convinced someone isn't watching these races carefully enough.

Liddell: "This was not a great weekend in terms of the result but I think it must now be screamingly obvious to anyone watching that we are at a distinct disadvantage in terms of pace. I think the only car which didn't pass or drive away from us was the Audi. The fact that we were the first Chevy Camaro home was a testimony to the great job by the whole Stevenson team, the reliability of the Camaro, and our ability as drivers to defend where we could and use our small advantage on the Brakes to minimize positions lost or regain the odd spot after we got passed down the straights."

Johnson chimed in with similar sentiments when he said, "Our drivers did an amazing job battling throughout the race to keep the sixth spot as it could have easily been a seventh or eighth place finish. Unfortunately for us, we lost another 10 points to the No. 69 Ferrari and Grand-Am still has the rules in their favor, so I don't know what else we can do."

Johnson offers this explanation of just what the team is up against this season.

"To lay it out, we weigh 2808 pounds and the Ferrari is 2800, so we are basically the same on that front, but that is where it stops." Johnson explained. "The Ferrari has larger Brakes lower ride height, bigger tires, more downforce, better fuel mileage, a bigger fuel tank and quicker fuel delivery, plus a paddle shift system. Usually, one car has an advantage on part of the track, but a disadvantage somewhere else. We have no advantage during any part of the race where we could out drag, brake, corner, or out strategize the Ferrari. All we can do is keep performing at a very high level and see where we end up."

Liddell again notes that perhaps the time for a rules adjustment is now, before the season slips away along with the fans that look to see competitive racing. He is looking forward to the next race - the 'Sahlen's Six Hours at The Glen' - where, perhaps, the team can apply their strengths effectively and counter the advantages the Ferrari now enjoys.

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