Oh No! - What a Finish at the brickyard!
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some reason. I was excited to watch Jorg work. He is amazing. He had a podium in the bag. Even though we got knocked out by an over-aggressive No. 59, it was fun to compete out front. We played our cards right. We were in the hunt in the closing laps, and that is really all you can ask for. It was awesome."

Salazar: "It was a pretty eventful race for me from the beginning. I got in trouble for jumping the start. Everyone was going so slow in the rain, so I started with an early stop and go. I caught up, passed 6 or 7 guys and then ended up in a gravel trap and lost a few laps. When Eduardo got in, he got caught in one of those rain bursts and he really hasn't driven much under those conditions. I was happy that I was able to turn my fastest lap in my final stint. This is a great track - my favorite - and I really enjoyed being back."

Costabal: "I am very proud of my first year with TRG. It was my first time with a real race team, and with TRG I got the chance to race at some of the most important tracks in the world - Daytona, Watkins Glen and Indianapolis - and with the best drivers and the best team. I appreciate all the TRG crew and all they were able to teach me. And I appreciate Eliseo asking me to drive with him. It's a real honor to drive with someone like him who has such a great history in racing."

Buckler: "The Brickyard is a very special place in motorsports history and we almost created some history of our own today. We were on our way to a great finish. It's a shame that the No. 59 got into Jorg and put him in the gravel trap. Ben was super in his opening stint and had to deal with an unbelievably challenging situation with the crazy weather. I mean it was intense!!!.. and he did a great job."

"I continue to be more and more impressed with Eliseo and Eduardo every race. They have a great understanding of what it takes to compete in a very talented sportscar field, especially with Eliseo's background. Eduardo has been a rock through these three amazing races and improved at every turn. I really believe that if these guys had the chance to run every race, they would continue to challenge more and more. They are just so solid and keep doing all the right things on track that it takes to succeed."

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