Speedsource Becomes First rotary on Podium at the brickyard grand prix
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This was a historic weekend for the GRAND-AM Sports Car Series as they raced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time. Teams arrived eager to be the first to take the podium and place their names alongside NASCAR and INDY champions. Meanwhile, teams were also battling in the final race for the 2012 North American Endurance Championship. GRAND-AM condensed practice, qualifying, and the 3 hour endurance race into an action packed Friday and SpeedSource knew the stakes were high, and there was no room for mistakes.

Friday got off to an early start while teams were quickly preparing for their only shot at a practice session before qualifying shortly after. The SpeedSource crew knew they had to conserve the car and stay focused on the long day ahead. After the practice session, the crew made some minor adjustments on the suspension before sending it out to qualify, with only a 30 minute window. This was a great call by the team as the #70 castrol Edge Modspace Mazda RX-8 ran the fastest lap in qualifying at a 1:30.359 and took pole for the GT class. Even with minimal time to learn this track, Jonathan Bomarito and Sylvain Tremblay had confidence in their skills, crew, and Mazda RX-8 leading into the race.

With a quick turnaround after qualifying, SpeedSource placed the #70 to the front of the starting grid for the race. The 3 hour endurance race started with most cars on rain tires as it showered on the track. This threw teams a curve ball in their strategy, but SpeedSource was no strangers to rain and was not going to let this affect them. The #70 Castrol Edge Modspace Mazda RX-8 continued to lead the pack for most of the race while Bomarito and Tremblay consistently pumped out the fastest times on the track. While the weather persistently showed scattered showers, the track showed scattered cautions. The SpeedSource team continued to perform flawless pit stops and the drivers continued to race at the front of the pack.

Near the end of the 3 hour endurance race, Bomarito took the RX-8 and passed another Porsche in order to grab the 2nd place finish. Not only was this historical for SpeedSource but this was also the first rotary engine to compete and place on the podium at this legendary track. SpeedSource was ecstatic to have the honor of representing Mazda and Mazdaspeed in this title and looks forward to paving the way to more history with them.

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