Guy Cosmo Showcases Ferrari and driving Talent at virginia international
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Raceway for American Le Mans Presented by Patrón VIR 240|0

Guy Cosmo Showcases Ferrari and Driving Talent at Virginia International Raceway for American Le Mans Presented by Patrón VIR 240

Excited to hit the wide open circuit at Virginia International Raceway with his Extreme Speed Motorsports Patrón Ferrari 458 GT, Guy Cosmo had this to say going into the American Le Mans Series present by Tequila Patrón, Cosmo had this to say about the track.

"VIR is a true road racers dream and one of the absolute best circuits to drive, ever," said Cosmo. "It's a very unique blend providing a driver everything he could ask for. The track has a great flow and a variety of challenges. You see some very technical slow and medium speed sections, two very long straights, killer braking and passing zones, and a few death-defying high speed sections that will have you holding your breath on every approach? and that will make you cry for your mamma if you get them wrong."

Cosmo didn't get it wrong.

In a text book demonstration featuring classic Cosmo style, Guy drove the No. 2 Extreme Speed Motorsports Patrón Ferrari 458 Italia from dead last to third in less than 35 minutes. Not long after that, he was sitting in second on the back bumper of the ESM sister car and race leader, Johannes van Overbeek.

"I was really confident going into the race," said Guy. "I was starting dead-last due to replacing all four tires as a result of a little mis-hap Ed had in qualifying. I knew we had four hours of racing to make our way to the front, and I certainly had the car to do it with. At the start of the race there was a massive pile-up in turn one. By the time I arrived, I spotted a small opening and zipped right through without skipping a beat. When I hit the entry of turn two, I was in the top seven and closing on the rest of the GT field."

"The car was very fast, very well balanced and just a dream to drive," noted Cosmo. I'm telling you, our Patrón Ferrari was hooked up! By time we were 35 minutes into the race I was 3rd in class and closing. On the way I set the fastest GT lap of the race and was making quick work of our GT competitors on my way up to 2nd. I then began closing on the ESM sister car and class leader, Johannes van Overbeek."

Implementing a pit stop strategy that would have Guy drive the first and

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