Michael Shank Racing looks Forward after tough close To 2012 rolex season
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"We were having a little bit of a problem with the car maybe John also had something going wrong on his first stint too because as soon as we changed tires, he was up there," said Negri. "It is what it is. Once you are so far back there is nothing you can do. I still think it's funny that the top-five positions were occupied by the five Corvettes. But we started the year well and I'm looking forward to next year."

"Obviously loosing those two laps just killed us, so it was another good weekend that went bad," said team owner Mike Shank. "We just wanted to end on a high note. John was behind the leaders and was able to hang right with them at the end. I just wanted him to get even more confidence and get ready for the winter and Daytona again where we know we're strong. The season has been like this. Up and down. We've led a lot of laps we've been in the position to win four or five times and the podium six times. It's bittersweet. I think there is a little curse of winning Daytona here, but we'll go on and do it again."

Thanks to all the fan and media support during the 2012 GRAND-AM Season. Michael Shank Racing is looking forward to announcing plans for 2013.

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