Washington DC Qualifying -- No Surprises
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Washington DC -- There were no surprises in the qualifying for the ALMS race as we saw the same faces up front as we always do.

In LMP900, Audi was on the pole. In LMP675, Jon Field once again took the pole. In GTS, the Corvettes were once again on the pole, and in GT, Alex Job Racing once again sat on the pole. Some thoughts from our pole sitters:

Frank Biela -- #1-P900 Audi R-8 -- "The car was good and the tires were consistent, but I'm not worrying about the car, just the traffic. I thought we would have problems; (the) Panoz (car) was tough competition." (about tomorrow's race) "It will come down to strategy, staying off the walls. For the spectators, it will be an exciting race. A good driver in a bad car can not win. You need a good setup, and on a good day, you can win. The track is too short to relax, it will be one of the toughest races we've ever had. If you don't do it, the others will, and that makes it very risky. It will probably be tougher than Le Mans."

Ron Fellows -- #3-GTS Corvette C5-R-- (about getting the pole in two laps) "It was an adventure. I wanted to wait but went out trying to find a clear track and keep out of traffic. The tires were good for three laps, and fortunately the other guys got out of the way." (about traffic and the race) "The traffic is manageable if other stay out of your way. Its very wide and it possible to move off line. This is not a typical street circuit, the corners have a longer radius, its more of a road course." (about tire wear) "The tires have excellent grip for six or seven laps, then it starts to understeer. I concerned about rear grip late in run."

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