Washington DC LMP900 Race Review: Panoz Wins With Spirit of America
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Washington DC -- Panoz Motorsport drivers Jan Magnussen and David Brabham once again drove a great race to bring home the V8 powered Panoz LMP-1 Prototype home to a 0.766 margin of victory over the trio of Audi R8s. The Panoz team, based out of Atlanta, has dubbed their cars the Spirit of America, and it was very fitting that these the #50 Panoz came through for victory in our nation's capital.

"Our car really works on this track, because it's a little short (the track)," said Magnussen. "Audi likes the straights and our biggest disadvantage is the straights. Audi got a penalty and I closed the door. When I came in two laps later I thought I'd punctured a tire (on the inside pass). With two laps to go I knew he wasn't going to catch me and I was able to pull away."

For Brabham, he had to sit in the pits nervously while Magnussen brought the car home. Magnussen had started the car, but late in the race a caution allowed the Panoz team to put Magnussen back in for Brabham.

"We drive for an American team, and for us to win for the team and fans, the best result is an American car won," said the Australian Brabham. "The race itself was hard and hot. Jan and I this weekend had probably our best race together."

For Audi, the race once again saw their drivers make mistakes on the track. This time, the biggest mistake came from the #2 Audi R8. "Dindo" Capello was once again responsible for the error as he made a very daring move up the inside of the Champion Audi R8 as he was trying to lap him. Capello was given a stop and go penalty for his error.

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