Washington DC GTS Race Review: Corvette Goes 1-2 Again
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Washington DC -- The Corvette Racing effort is making the ALMS GTS class as predictable as the Team Oreca Dodge Vipers made it a couple of years ago. They have won all six races this year, and once again today the team took home a 1-2 finish.

At Washington the Corvette Racing effort only felt a small challenge in the form of the Olive Garden Ferrari 550. In the end, the Ferrari would end up two laps down to the #3 winning Corvette.

Winning driver Ron Fellows, who shared the #3 with Johnny O'Connell, looked physically drained when he got out of the Corvette. The heat plays doubly bad on the closed cockpit cars as ALMS rules allow for both windows to be in the car. Teams not wanting to lose any advantage, run both windows, even though it can mean cockpit temperatures of well over 120 deg.

"There was a heat exchanger cooling the air, but we had to increase the insulation," commented Fellows about his 'air conditioning'. "The car was extremely heavy, but we had a tremendous amount of power under the right foot. We feel pretty lucky today. We had a flat in the right rear corner, and two corners later we got a caution. It was an extremely enjoyable weekend in DC."

In second place was the #4 Corvette with Andy Pilgrim, who set the fastest lap of the race, and his co-driver, Kelly Collins.

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