The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Washington DC - [ALMS and World Challenge]
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Last weekend Washington, D.C. was the site for the Cadillac Grand Prix of Washington. The event included American Le Mans, Trans Am, Speed World Challenge and a few other events including a celebrity race. The promoter of the event should be commended because the facilities and the crowd definitely exceeded everyone's expectations.

The course was a 1.661 mile street course constructed in the parking lot of RFK stadium. Normally street courses are excessively bumpy and narrow. This particular circuit was wider than most road courses and the track surface was very smooth.


As is the case with most street courses, there was no promoter test day. At most events we have a promoter test day when we can run the Speed World Challenge cars the day before the start of official practice. I prefer not to have such a test day because it doesn't usually take me very long to get up to speed and our team is so good that if the car set-up is not right on the money when we arrive, we usually figure it out pretty quickly. I think the extra track time tends to help the other teams more than it helps us.

As usual I was driving the Porsche GT3RS for J3 Racing in ALMS and the Lexus IS300 for Team FBR/TransSport in Speed World Challenge. We had two practice sessions in each car on Friday, which was the first day of on track activities. First out was the Lexus and we were quickest for most of the session but came in early to make a set-up change and didn't get back out in time. While we were in the pits three cars went quicker than us and we ended up fourth.

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