Washington DC Race An Immediate Hit With Fans and Competitors
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"From the standpoint of the American Le Mans Series, we were very happy with all aspects of the event," said Scott Atherton, President and COO of the Panoz Motor Sports Group, which operates the ALMS. "We had been saying for a year that the Washington race could be one of the most important in the history of our series, and we feel that way more than ever now that it is concluded."

According to the event organizer, a weekend crowd of 70,000 attended, with nearly all available tickets sold for Sunday's American Le Mans Series event. The fans attending the racing events represented much of the culturally-diverse population of the Washington area, exposing many new fans to sports car racing. "The manufacturers involved in our series had been pointing to the Washington race as very important for them because of the demographics," said Atherton. "The Washington to New York corridor has traditionally been one of the best markets in North America for Audi, Porsche, Cadillac and other high-end brands of automobiles."

The event received some of the highest and most concentrated media coverage that any ALMS event has ever had. The Washington and Baltimore media gave the event a tremendous amount of coverage, both in advance and during, including in print, radio and television outlets. National media outlets such as Associated Press and USA Today increased the coverage normally given to the ALMS. The race was shown live on NBC Sports, and Saturday's companion Trans-Am Series event was live on CBS.

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