USTCC Notes // 8-7-02
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Spectrum5 Racing to sponsor Ray Hampton Racing's 2003 Touring Car campaign.
Ray Hampton Racing (RHR) announced today that it has entered into a product development contract with Spectrum5 Racing of Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition to providing engine development assistance based on proprietary analysis and modeling capabilities, Spectrum 5 has also signed on as an associate sponsor of RHR's Touring Cars.

All Wheel Engineering Helps teamSMR Find Hidden Speed
Sheehan Motor Racing has been working closely with All Wheel Engineering, LLC over the past year and a half to increase the performance of their USTCC Subaru WRX racecar. In addition to using the popular Kartboy products that All Wheel Engineering provides to the masses (short shifters, shifter bushings, swaybar end-links, engine pitch-rods, etc.), teamSMR relies heavily on All Wheel Engineering's extensive racing experience to address complex issues such as aerodynamic downforce and drag. Perhaps the most important aspect of All Wheel Engineering's support is the new addition of a MaxQData data acquisition system to the racecar.

The MaxQData Data Acquisition System is a new and affordable data acquisition system that allows tuners, racers, and enthusiasts to collect important information about their car's engine and handling performance. With it, the user can improve a car's performance, learn to be a better driver, and document the effects of modifications. With powerful capabilities to show engine data real time through a standardized OBD-II port, along with high-resolution accelerometers and GPS inputs, virtually every aspect of a vehicles performance can be recorded and graphed. Sensor data can be viewed in real time, track maps can be generated effortlessly and multiple laps can be compared to find the best segment in each lap. In addition, data can be shared with other MaxQData users and even displayed on the internet for everyone to see.

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