Spec Miata News: LoansQuick.com Offers Contingency
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LoansQuick.com, A Duluth Georgia mortgage company , announced today a new contingency program for the Spec Miata class on the remaining 2004 SARRC races. LoansQuick.com provides mortgages in the south east & now has the ability to lend in 40 states. LoansQuick.com has offered a discount to racers & car club members for over 9 years. LoansQuick.com specializes in self employed borrowers and offers great rates as well as excellent service. Many racers in Georgia & Florida already have a Loansquick mortgage.

Company president Peter Mansolillo has been in racing since 1988 and currently races the LoansQuick.com Motorsports Spec Miata in selected SARRC races.

Guaranteed payouts per remaining 2004 SARRC race:
1st Place $100.00
2nd place $ 65.00
3rd place $ 35.00

If the LoansQuick.com Motorsports car finishes on the podium, the payout will be paid down to 4th place. For example #1: If Peter's car finished 3rd, the 3rd place prize will be paid to 4th place.

Example #1
1st Place $100.00
2nd Place $ 65.00
3rd Place $ LQM
4th Place $ 35.00

In the event the LoansQuick.com Motorsports car wins the race, the payouts double and will be paid down to 4th place.

Example #2:
1st Place $ LQM
2nd Place $ 200.00
3rd Place $ 130.00

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