The Inside Line: Jay Policastro
Page: 1  2   3  Links's Wayne Nonnamaker got a chance to ask some questions of Jay Policastro. Along with his father, Joe, the two are having success in the Orbit Racing Porsche GT3 RS with Mike Fitzgerald as their co-driver. You have had some strong success driving together as a father son team. Having had the chance to drive with my dad, does that make it that much more special to win as a team?

Jay Policastro: Certainly any time you get to participate in something as awesome as a race place or win with a close family member, it makes it that much more special. You further enjoy and respect the achievement and realize what it took to get to that level. My dad and I have been participating in many activities together over my lifespan. Auto racing and the pursuit of excellence is a special thing to share with your dad - win, lose or draw. visitors have been watching Mike Fitzgerald's success over the past four seasons with "The Fitzgerald Chronicles". What has impressed you most about Mike as a driver?

Jay Policastro: Mike is a great communicator. He has helped us tremendously with the setup of the car as well as for us to understand the effects of changes that are made. He has a great rapport and has earned great respect from the crew. It goes without saying that he has fantastic speed in the car and makes very few mistakes. Over the course of a driving stint, he is one of the most consistent drivers in the series today.

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