The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Mid Ohio [Grand American - Grand Am Cup]
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I was really looking forward to the Mid-Ohio round of the Grand Am season, not only because it's a great track, but also because I would be driving two great cars at the event. In addition to my regular ride in the #44 Orbit Racing Porsche GT3RS, I would also be competing in the Grand Am Cup race driving for Turner Motorsports in one of their BMW 330s.


Turner Motorsports decided not to do the Thursday test day so I was able to focus all my attention on the Porsche. We had two sessions. In the first session I was able to turn a 1:27.1 right off the trailer, which seemed a little quicker than what we were seeing from the other GT cars although there were no official times on the test day.

I thought the car seemed pretty good, but the rear of the car felt unsupported at the entry to corners, particularly when I was hard on the Brakes. It also felt a little sloppy in the transition sections known as madness at Mid-Ohio.

We tried some changes to springs, shocks and shock pressures to support the rear of the car, which seemed to help, but I never got a clean lap in the session so we couldn't confirm the improvement on the watch.


Friday morning when I arrived at the track Rodger Hawley informed me that one of the rear anti-roll bar mounts was broken, which accounted for everything I had been complaining about the previous day. We decided to leave the spring change in the car, but set the shocks back where we had started. The car was fantastic during the one and a half hour morning session. I turned a 1:26.7 and got out of the car feeling like it had a lot more. At the time we were the quickest GT car, but we fell to third by the end of the session.

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