The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Watkins Glen [Grand American]
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This past weekend was round eight of the Grand American Road Racing Association championship. As usual, I drove the #44 Orbit Racing Porsche GT3RS with Jay and Joe Policastro. As was the case at the Paul Revere 250, we were the support event for the Nextel Cup race. This meant we were running the 2.45-mile Watkins Glen short course, which was a first for me. I had been to the Glen many times in the past, but had never done it without the boot until last weekend.


Our entire practice and qualifying schedule took place on Thursday. We started with a morning practice in wet conditions, although the track began to dry out toward the end. I was in at the beginning of the session so I just took a few laps to feel the car in the wet before handing it off to Jay and Joe.

We went out again at 2:00pm. We had an hour and forty-five minutes and once again the course was wet when we began. I drove until a dry line appeared and we switched to slicks and Jay took over. Jay did a great job and at one point was the quickest car in GT. Joe drove next and then I got in at the end since I hadn't driven the car in the dry yet. I managed a 1:16.5 after a few laps, which put us third quickest in the session. We were encouraged by this because we were on some fairly used tires.

Grand Am officials decided that qualifying would be cancelled if the track was wet and that grid positions would be awarded based on points. Sure enough it was wet and our position in the championship put us third on the grid.

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