Miata Challenge Laguna Race Notes: Scott Webb
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Valencia, CA - Driving the #51 Star Shield Armor/LA Auto Show/Circuit City Miata, Scott Webb managed to finish 6th in race one and 13th in race two of the Miata Challenge at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Saturday's qualifying session saw 61 cars take to the track at one time in search of that magic lap. Webb headed onto the track with Johnny Kanavas in tow in an attempt to work together for improved lap times, but traffic conspired against the pair, and each was forced to go it alone. Thanks to a great car setup performed by San Dimas Auto Racing's Rick Garcia and Joey Reed, Webb managed to put together a series of laps in the mid 1:49's to claim the 15th starting spot for both of Sunday's races.

Heading into turn one of race one, the trouble began early as cars fought to occupy the same space at the same time; with predictable results. Soon after the restart, Webb began to work his way up through the field by turning consistent lap times and steering clear of trouble. This became more difficult as the skies opened and the rain began to fall. With the entire field of 61 Miatas on tires shaved for a dry surface, and a track glistening with fresh moisture, drivers fought to maintain control in ever-changing conditions. Webb quickly adopted a wet driving line and found critical grip to stay on the track and out of harms way long enough to finish in 6th place.

Race two began without the wall-banging excitement of race one as the field took the green flag, but Webb' race would soon take a turn for the worse. Accelerating out of the world-famous Corkscrew, Webb missed the shift from 2nd to 3rd gears, and immediately found himself surrounded by competitors and forced off line for the quick, downhill turn nine. Unable to scrub off enough speed, Webb's Miata began an agricultural adventure towards the apex of turn ten, where he reentered the track in 25th place. From that point forward, Webb put his head down and worked hard to make his way back up through the field. Over the remaining sixteen laps, Webb passed cars with a vengeance, and eventually recovered to finish 13th.

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