The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Homestead [Grand Am Rolex]
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Last weekend the Grand American Road Racing Association traveled to south Florida for round two of the fourteen race championship. As will be the case all season, I was sharing a TPC Racing prepared Porsche GT3 Cup car with my co-driver Manuel Matos.

We were the support race for the IRL event at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Of course, we ran the 2.21 mile road course while the IRL cars stayed on the oval.


We had a one hour and forty-five minute practice session on Thursday afternoon. We were late getting out and consequently had only about an hour of testing remaining. Once on track I had gotten a couple laps in when the "engine hot" warning appeared on the Motec dash. I came in and the crew told me to continue on to technical inspection because our transponder wasn't working. I immediately turned off the car when I got there, but after a few minutes we started to lose all the water.

After some work in the garage I went back out, but on the out lap the "water level" warning light came on and I came back in to the pits. After some more work in the garage I went back out and the same thing happened again. That brought an end to the session. We didn't get much done as a result.

On Friday we had a 9:00am practice session. It was raining and the track was very wet. I did a few laps to make sure the car wasn't going to overheat, but since the weather was expected to clear up we didn't make any changes to the car. Manuel got in and did a few laps. The car didn't overheat or lose any water.

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