The Inside Line: Brian Frisselle
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Interview by David Haueter

Brian Frisselle is only 21 years old, but is already racing in the top class in the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series, where he is teamed with older brother Burt in Synergy Racing's Doran Daytona Prototype (DP). Brian grew up in a racing family, and before coming to Grand Am, he made his way through the "trainer" series such as Skip Barber Dodge and Star Mazda, as well as a full Formula BMW season in 2004. This season is certainly a "baptism by fire," as Brian races fender to fender with renowned road racers on the best tracks in North America. We talked with Brian about how it's going so far: I heard that you learned about racing by driving snowmobiles. Is that right?
Frisselle: We didn't race them competitively, but we (with brother Burt) raced them against each other on logging roads. It was really good training, because we were going 100% all the time and were sideways a lot. Burt and I both took pretty quickly to car racing, so I really think the snowmobiling helped. How do the Star Mazda and Formula BMW cars compare?
Frisselle: Those cars have very different driving styles, and it was great training to race them both because you do drive them so differently. With the Star Mazda, you have to drive it pretty loose and sideways to be fast, where in the Formula BMW you don't have as much power so you have to flow as much speed as possible. With the mono shock and tires on the Formula BMW, you have to keep the car level and smooth so its pitch doesn't change much. For a while, the Formula BMW coaches were telling me I was driving the Formula BMW too much like the Mazda.

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