The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Laguna Seca [Grand Am Rolex]
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This past weekend was round four of the Grand American Rolex Series. I drove the #38 TPC Racing Porsche GT3 Cup car in the GT class with my co-driver Manuel Matos.

The race was held at 2.238-mile Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. I always love going there, not only because Laguna Seca is a tremendous race track, but also because of the natural beauty of the Monterey area.


There were twenty-four Daytona Prototypes and thirty GT cars entered for the race. Laguna Seca is not a very long course, nor is it particularly wide, so we were all expecting a lot of issues with traffic.

The first practice session was as expected. It was crowded and difficult to get a clean lap. The handling of the Porsche was better than it had been all season. We've had our difficulties with the setup, but we tested between Fontana and Laguna Seca and made a lot of progress.

We had another session that afternoon. The car was handling great with the exception of the first part of the corner. We were having a lot of difficulty getting the Porsche pointed into the corner. For the Saturday morning session we made a few changes to the shocks and the toe settings. The changes fixed the turn in, but caused the car to turn in too well - now it wanted to swap ends as soon as I turned the wheel.

We left the car alone for qualifying because the problems we were having never showed up until the tires had a few laps on them. Manuel qualified at a 1:36.4, which put us twentieth on the GT grid. He liked the handling of the car, but since he was on new tires we knew we still had some work to do.

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