The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Mont Tremblant Six Hours [Grand American]
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Last Saturday was the Six Hours of Mt. Tremblant. It was also round five of the Grand American Road Racing Association season. I was once again driving the TPC Racing Porsche GT3 Cup car with Manuel Matos as my co-driver.

Mt. Tremblant is a great track in a great location. It was only my third time there, but I enjoy it more with each visit. Mt. Tremblant is a ski village up in the mountains, which also happens to have an amazing 2.65 mile road course.

One of the problems with going there in May is the weather. Two years ago it nearly snowed and this year the forecast was for rain throughout the weekend.


The event was Thursday through Saturday. We didn't go on track on Thursday until the afternoon, but then we ran almost constantly the rest of the day. I went out first and made a couple shock changes which seemed to help. When I ran out of ideas I came in and Manuel took over. We wanted to get him some seat time as it was his first visit to Mt Tremblant.

The fastest we went all day was a 1:43.0, which wasn't very quick. We were struggling with the same handling problem that plagued us at Laguna Seca. At turn-in the car wanted to swap ends. It was well balanced once it was in the corner, but at turn-in the car was very skittish. The good news was that in spite of this Manuel was very quickly getting up to speed at the new track.

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