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  Through The Esses - Russ Oasis Has Been #1 Before The victory here isn't only achieved by the one who finishes first
  Through The Esses - John Vincent's V-Pack Motorsport Isn't Exactly Monkey Business And then he told us about the parallel between him, his son, and the Mercedes monkeys.
  Through The Esses - Andrew Davis Grew Up To Be A Racer As a young boy he spent many hours leaning against the fence at the bottom of turn 12
  Through The Esses - Robertson Racing Plans To Fly In Their Ford GT-R The Robertson's had to wait a long time to go racing again.
  Through The Esses - Chris Dyson - One Season Down, One Championship To Come I think the second half of the year was more of a test of our abilities as a team.
  Through The Esses - Corvette Coming To GT2 In 2008 - Part 1 - Bill Riley Riley Technologies has a well established track record in building race winning sportscars.
  Through the Esses - Corvette Coming To GT2 In 2008 - Part 2 - Lou Gigliotti I couldn't be more excited about running in the ALMS.
  Through The Esses - Rob Bunker Wants A Fast Education Racers like to go fast, even in a classroom on wheels.
  Through The Esses - Who Is Coming To NJMP In 2008? Could Roger possibly be referring to NJMP?
  Through The Esses - Mark Wilkins: In A Gold Rush For Champagne In 2008 Our goal was to enter a series that we thought would be commercially viable
  Through The Esses - Tom Long's Enthusiasm For Racing Is Automatic I grew up with my dad involved in SCCA Club racing
  Through The Esses - Edd Davin's Return Now Infused With Nitro We will sponsor you... but you have to prove to us that your efforts will bring us customers.
  Through The Esses - James GuĂ© Is Looking For A French Connection The day I turned 17 I jumped on a plane and went over to Italy by myself.
  Through The Esses - Kristian Skavnes - Looking For 24 At 42 I was 14 and I was at the track all the time with my Dad
  Through The Esses - John Pew - From Sailing On The Sea To Speeding In A DP I sold my sailboat and I have been involved in racing almost full time ever since!
  Through The Esses - Sportscar Racing Is Coming To New Jersey In 2008 The facility is being developed on land adjacent to the Millville Airport.
  Through The Esses - Rob Whitener's Racing Ambitions Are Out Of The Bag I was passing more cars but not enough for me. There is nothing more frustrating..
  Through The Esses - Mike Fonte's Fountain Flows With Passion My father was a pharmacist and he opened his store in the Rochester area in 1960.
  Through The Esses - The Memory Of 'Hatch' Fuels Chili Pepper Racing We named him Austin Hatcher Osborn because Hatcher was my mother's maiden name. We called him Hatch'.
  Through The Esses - Ryan Herman's Horsepower Ranch Is Now Open For Business I used to go speeding down the interstate convinced that I was a race car driver!
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