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  Test Drive: Porsche 911 C4S Adding to the Porsche Legend By David Haueter
  Test Drive: 1962 Chaparral Paul Brown got the opportunity of a lifetime recently when he got to drive a 1962 Chaparral in preparations for the Monterey Historics. Here is his recounting of the experience so all unlucky saps who will never get to drive a Chaparral can get an idea of
  Test Drive: Mercedes AMG C32 By David Haueter This is NOT Your Father's Mercedes - Story and photos by David Haueter
  Test Drive: Lexus IS 300 A look at the Lexus IS 300 by David Haueter.
  Test Drive: Audi S6 Avant Most definitely NOT your Father's Station Wagon.
  Test Drive: BMW Z8 [David Haueter] To the vast majority of the general public, the BMW Z8 is still known as the car that starred in the James Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough.
  Test Drive: Legends Thunder Roadster - Roebling Road is expanding our editorial coverage in 2001 to bring you on-track road tests of new race cars and sports cars. Our first installation of this series is on the new Legends Thunder Roadster.
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