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Posted (07/03/2017) -

Revival of the Past


Photo and report Willem J. Staat


Since the start of last season a new historic Touring Car Championship has come to live in Germany. The Tourenwagen Classics where the great cars from DTM and later STW have found a new home. A championship initiated by Ralph Bar and former DTM driver Marc Hessel who is one of the driving forces behind the series as well. Really great to see that those cars come into action again. Despite a broken rear axle in Qualifying Thorsten Stadler won the race with his ex-Ellen Lohr C-Class DTM. Second place went to Kurt Gröhler/Altfrid Heger with an ex Bigazzi BMW M3. Volker Strycek finished 4th with an Opel Omega EVO 500. For the future a lot of former DTM drivers have already expressed interest in the series. But for now just enjoy the pix. from the beautiful cars and their history.

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