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Posted (11/21/2017) -

                          Electrification will take serious Flight


Photo and report Willem J. Staat


At the workshops I attended it became clear that electrification of motorsports will take an enormous flight in the forthcoming years. Behind the scenes F1 teams are already working on a transition for the future. That looks to be the message. But for traditionalists a lot of development work is still being carried out on the fuel injected engines. They do not need have to worry. Cosworth e.g. introduced a limited edition Duratec Engine which delivers 255 BHP. Only 12 will be built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cosworth engine. Mecchrome even showed the new F2 engine for next year, as well as the engine Ginetta will be using in the WEC series next year. The Austrian PRC(Pedrazza Racing) company showed a beautiful 2L sportscar which will be entered in the European Hillclimb championship next year. The PRC FPR12 only weighs 475 kgs. and has been powered by a 2L Honda engine. If succesful more will be built. May be something for Pikes Peak??

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